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LA Art News: CB Gazette 2017

  • (12) CB Gazette: Dec 2017
    Tiny type lists of December dates, commemorations, celebrity birthdays; and other lists of commemorative symbols to remember in 2018. Also, Press Friends is our new best friend.
  • (11) CB Gazette: Nov 2017
    November shopping opportunities at Chicken Boy Shop; Happy Thanksgiving!
  • (10) CB Gazette: Oct 2017
    Intersections & intersections; ideas for L.A.; Chicken Boy's ebook shop
  • (09) CB Gazette: Sept 2017
    Leave Your Mark: A Smart Gals Reunion; “Happy Birthday Chicken Boy,” Chicken Boy Ebook Shop Now Online!; more other book news; and more other stuff...
  • (08) CB Gazette: August 2017
    Mark calendars: Leave Your Mark, A Smart Gals Reunion Show coming in Sept., Attention Yarn Bombers, book news, including Chicken Boy's New Ebook Shop!
  • (07) CB Gazette July 2017
    Chicken Boy's EBook Shop; Please Slow Down; Los Angeles Breakfast Club; Happy Independence Day, Don't Forget the Sunscreen!
  • (06) CB Gazette June 2017
    Please Slow Down, Ruby Nishio potholders, your summer reading list
  • (05) CB Gazette May 2017
    Ruby Nishio Quilts and a visit with Chicken Bob
  • (04) CB Gazette April 2017
    Peter Hess “Selected Work from Three Decades” -- one of our favorite artists; say Hello to the Big Stick for Peace Figueroa Street yarnbomb of a neighbor treeless tree pole, and mark your calendars for Quilts by Ruby Nishio.
  • (03) CB Gazette: March 2017
    We celebrate Pi Day, as usual, with pizzas and pies. NE Wellness Center artisans show (and sell) their work, Eagle Rock H.S. students show some award-winning art. We praise the Pink Pussyhat movement and share some vintage knit patterns.

LAArt News: CB Gazette 2016

  • (12) CB Gazette: Dec. 2016
    Time Love LA Awards, Vintage Photos & Collectibles Sale Dec.--weird, strange, and unusual holiday gifting/home decor, Tap-o-Ween, NELA Holiday Parade
  • (11) CB Gazette: Nov. 2016
    Nature: My POV, Photos by Pat Quinn; Spotlight on Chicken Boy; Mark Calendars for Dec. photo sale; Low-tech theft protection
  • (10) CB Gazette: Oct 2016
    Future Studio Gallery opens again! “Your Heart Is One of My Kittens” (New Paintings by Krystine Kryttre); Coming soon: 2016 LA International Route 66 Festival; book publication: “LA's Legendary Retaurants”; Haunted Harvest Festival, “Seeing Downtown” photography talk
  • (09) CB Gazette: Sept. 2016
    Defining Ourselves: A Matriarchy of Artists; Krystine Kryttre New Paintings at Future Studio Gallery in Oct.; Karla Klarin at CSUN Art Gallery; some fab new books, and NEON STUFF!
  • (08) CB Gazette: Aug. 2016
    Defining Ourselves: A Matriarchy of Artists (opening Sept 1 at The Muck); Remembering the 1984 LA Olympics and looking forward to the Rio Olympics this month; CB is a Poke Stop; Happy Belated Birthday Book Booth Highland Park
  • (07) CB Gazette: July 2016
    More great photos from LAPL Photo Collection, and you’re invited to an exhibit of some of them which will feature a fashion show!
  • (06) CB Gazette: June 2016
    Enjoy some great images from the LAPL Photo Collection...
  • (05) CB Gazette: May 2016
    May is Asian American Heritage Month--here's a bunch of (mostly) free events to celebrate; Guess the Secret Word; make sure you're registered to vote; mark your calendar for Fish Outta Water workshops and parade
  • (04) CB Gazette: Apr 2016
    Art Bern 2, many thanks, vintage photos of N. Figueroa St. from LA Public Library Photo Collection
  • (02) CB Gazette: Feb 2016
    Shows & events coming in March 2016

NELAArt News: CB Gazette 2015

  • (12) CB Gazette: Dec 2015
    SOULED OUT: Photos with Chicano Soul by Art Meza opens Sat. Dec. 12, 2015; Happy Holidays; Where are the Zodys Santas?
  • (11) CB Gazette: Nov 2015
    Art Bern: Bernie Sanders Portrait Show; BUSted returns to Future Studio Gallery; vintage photo of Chicken Boy from the L.A. Public Library Photo Collection
  • (10) CB Gazette: Oct 2015
    Dia de los Muertos de Mascotas, How to Make a Giant Tissue Paper Marigold, Repaint Chicken Boy Update, Upcoming Art Shows
  • (09) CBGazette: Sept. 2015
    Through the Eyes of a Bus Rider (photos by Eddie Solis); BUSted!; Hello New Clifton's!
  • (07) CBGazette: July 2015
    NE Wellness Center's Positive Visions Art & Cookie Sale; Repaint Chicken Boy update; Book Booth Highland Park celebrates its 5th birthday; weigh in on the future of the Southwest Museum...
  • (06) CB Gazette: June 2015
    See you in July, LAPD '53, Our Neighbor Ariel Pink, Repaint Chicken Boy Update, History of Bunker Hill exhibit at LAPL
  • (05) CB Gazette: May 2015
    Taking a little time off from the gallery; Stuff I Found at Dollar Tree; Chicken Origami pattern; About North Figueroa Association
  • (04) CB Gazette: April 2015
    April artist: Carm Goode “39 Books,” Highland Park Route 66 stuff, Repaint Chicken Boy, Anne Williams’ bitchin’ Chicken Boy skateboard deck
  • (03) CB Gazette: March 2015
    March 14, 2015 is super Pi Day, sale of artists' collections, photos fro The Scream photo op, Repaint Chicken Boy, coming to the gallery April 2015
  • (02) CB Gazette: Feb. 2015
    HP Real Estate and The Scream; Repaint Chicken Boy! Relighting the Historic Signs of Figueroa Street Update; A Proust Questionnaire; Found at Dollar Tree

Your Heart Is One of My Kittens

  • In the Fire
    PAINTINGS BY KRYSTINE KRYTTRE Curiously exploring the mythic landscape, dreams, animism, folklore, and the unseen. "Your work is more disturbed than mine! Are you sure you can cope with life?" --Ralph Steadman

ART BERN: Bernie Sanders Portrait Show

  • Hopeful
    Future Studio Gallery Nov. 2015 exhibit, gallery commissions go to Bernie 2016 campaign, artists are choosing to donate a portion or all of their proceeds.


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