LA Art News: CB Gazette 2018

LA Art News: CB Gazette 2017

  • (12) CB Gazette: Dec 2017
    Tiny type lists of December dates, commemorations, celebrity birthdays; and other lists of commemorative symbols to remember in 2018. Also, Press Friends is our new best friend.
  • (11) CB Gazette: Nov 2017
    November shopping opportunities at Chicken Boy Shop; Happy Thanksgiving!
  • (10) CB Gazette: Oct 2017
    Intersections & intersections; ideas for L.A.; Chicken Boy's ebook shop
  • (09) CB Gazette: Sept 2017
    Leave Your Mark: A Smart Gals Reunion; “Happy Birthday Chicken Boy,” Chicken Boy Ebook Shop Now Online!; more other book news; and more other stuff...
  • (08) CB Gazette: August 2017
    Mark calendars: Leave Your Mark, A Smart Gals Reunion Show coming in Sept., Attention Yarn Bombers, book news, including Chicken Boy's New Ebook Shop!
  • (07) CB Gazette July 2017
    Chicken Boy's EBook Shop; Please Slow Down; Los Angeles Breakfast Club; Happy Independence Day, Don't Forget the Sunscreen!
  • (06) CB Gazette June 2017
    Please Slow Down, Ruby Nishio potholders, your summer reading list
  • (05) CB Gazette May 2017
    Ruby Nishio Quilts and a visit with Chicken Bob
  • (04) CB Gazette April 2017
    Peter Hess “Selected Work from Three Decades” -- one of our favorite artists; say Hello to the Big Stick for Peace Figueroa Street yarnbomb of a neighbor treeless tree pole, and mark your calendars for Quilts by Ruby Nishio.
  • (03) CB Gazette: March 2017
    We celebrate Pi Day, as usual, with pizzas and pies. NE Wellness Center artisans show (and sell) their work, Eagle Rock H.S. students show some award-winning art. We praise the Pink Pussyhat movement and share some vintage knit patterns.

LAArt News: CB Gazette 2016

  • (12) CB Gazette: Dec. 2016
    Time Love LA Awards, Vintage Photos & Collectibles Sale Dec.--weird, strange, and unusual holiday gifting/home decor, Tap-o-Ween, NELA Holiday Parade
  • (11) CB Gazette: Nov. 2016
    Nature: My POV, Photos by Pat Quinn; Spotlight on Chicken Boy; Mark Calendars for Dec. photo sale; Low-tech theft protection
  • (10) CB Gazette: Oct 2016
    Future Studio Gallery opens again! “Your Heart Is One of My Kittens” (New Paintings by Krystine Kryttre); Coming soon: 2016 LA International Route 66 Festival; book publication: “LA's Legendary Retaurants”; Haunted Harvest Festival, “Seeing Downtown” photography talk
  • (09) CB Gazette: Sept. 2016
    Defining Ourselves: A Matriarchy of Artists; Krystine Kryttre New Paintings at Future Studio Gallery in Oct.; Karla Klarin at CSUN Art Gallery; some fab new books, and NEON STUFF!
  • (08) CB Gazette: Aug. 2016
    Defining Ourselves: A Matriarchy of Artists (opening Sept 1 at The Muck); Remembering the 1984 LA Olympics and looking forward to the Rio Olympics this month; CB is a Poke Stop; Happy Belated Birthday Book Booth Highland Park
  • (07) CB Gazette: July 2016
    More great photos from LAPL Photo Collection, and you’re invited to an exhibit of some of them which will feature a fashion show!
  • (06) CB Gazette: June 2016
    Enjoy some great images from the LAPL Photo Collection...
  • (05) CB Gazette: May 2016
    May is Asian American Heritage Month--here's a bunch of (mostly) free events to celebrate; Guess the Secret Word; make sure you're registered to vote; mark your calendar for Fish Outta Water workshops and parade
  • (04) CB Gazette: Apr 2016
    Art Bern 2, many thanks, vintage photos of N. Figueroa St. from LA Public Library Photo Collection
  • (02) CB Gazette: Feb 2016
    Shows & events coming in March 2016

NELAArt News: CB Gazette 2015

  • (12) CB Gazette: Dec 2015
    SOULED OUT: Photos with Chicano Soul by Art Meza opens Sat. Dec. 12, 2015; Happy Holidays; Where are the Zodys Santas?
  • (11) CB Gazette: Nov 2015
    Art Bern: Bernie Sanders Portrait Show; BUSted returns to Future Studio Gallery; vintage photo of Chicken Boy from the L.A. Public Library Photo Collection
  • (10) CB Gazette: Oct 2015
    Dia de los Muertos de Mascotas, How to Make a Giant Tissue Paper Marigold, Repaint Chicken Boy Update, Upcoming Art Shows
  • (09) CBGazette: Sept. 2015
    Through the Eyes of a Bus Rider (photos by Eddie Solis); BUSted!; Hello New Clifton's!
  • (07) CBGazette: July 2015
    NE Wellness Center's Positive Visions Art & Cookie Sale; Repaint Chicken Boy update; Book Booth Highland Park celebrates its 5th birthday; weigh in on the future of the Southwest Museum...
  • (06) CB Gazette: June 2015
    See you in July, LAPD '53, Our Neighbor Ariel Pink, Repaint Chicken Boy Update, History of Bunker Hill exhibit at LAPL
  • (05) CB Gazette: May 2015
    Taking a little time off from the gallery; Stuff I Found at Dollar Tree; Chicken Origami pattern; About North Figueroa Association
  • (04) CB Gazette: April 2015
    April artist: Carm Goode “39 Books,” Highland Park Route 66 stuff, Repaint Chicken Boy, Anne Williams’ bitchin’ Chicken Boy skateboard deck
  • (03) CB Gazette: March 2015
    March 14, 2015 is super Pi Day, sale of artists' collections, photos fro The Scream photo op, Repaint Chicken Boy, coming to the gallery April 2015
  • (02) CB Gazette: Feb. 2015
    HP Real Estate and The Scream; Repaint Chicken Boy! Relighting the Historic Signs of Figueroa Street Update; A Proust Questionnaire; Found at Dollar Tree

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